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We have the pleasure of offering one of the most desired VOX amplifiers of all-time – a very rare 1963 AC100 MKI amplifier head (possible prototype) inside a newer head cabinet made by North Coast Music, and accompanied by a Reissue T-100 Speaker Enclosure & Trolley Stand also produced by North Coast Music and outfitted with two brand new 15-inch Eminence speakers.  

This AC100 MKI head is most likely one of the first few ever built in either late 1963, or very early 1964. According to the book, VOX AMPLIFIERS: THE JMI YEARS by Jim Elyea, the amplifier head chassis is probably an AC 80/100 model, as evidenced by the original Woden transformers in all three positions. The main transformer is Woden model number #72191, the output is #72192, and the choke is a lay-down style #72193. The date code on all three transformers is "MU", which according to Elyea's book means the transformers are all from December 1963. From late 1963 to late 1964 - and even into late 1965 - all AC 80/100 heads featured a cathode circuit - which this one is. They switched to a fixed bias circuit in late 1964 or early 1965, and that is when the name was changed "officially" to AC 100. 

The original head cabinet was replaced long ago with a newer, period correct head cabinet made by North Coast Music. The chassis and almost all of the electronics and circuitry were left intact and are now housed inside the newer cabinet. The only other part of the original head cabinet retained was the original VOX model and serial number plate on the back of the unit. The plate was transferred onto the newer head cabinet and shows the correct individually stamped "AC100" letters and numbers, but the place for the serial number is empty and does not have any numbers in it. 

When the amplifier head chassis was removed from its original head cabinet it was overhauled by a professional amplifier engineer here in Nashville, Tennessee. Here's a list of the work done:

  • The Electrolytic Capacitors were changed;
  • The Cathode Bias Resistors where changed; and
  • The 1st tube was changed from a 12AU7 tube to a 12AT70 tube for increased sensitivity.

These are the only changes made to the chassis. Everything else on the chassis is original to day it was made in either late 1963 or early 1964. It also works and sounds fantastically. This is our second original AC100, but this one sounds EXTRAORDINARILY better than our first one. The sound that emanates from this amplifier is nothing short of incredible.


The cabinet is a reissue T-100 Speaker Enclosure with two 15-inch speakers and chrome swivel stand, which is now manufactured exclusively by North Coast Music and authorized and licensed by Vox UK.  The T-100 enclosure (model number NCM043SS) includes an accurate reproduction of the tubular chrome swivel stand used by Paul McCartney in 1964, plus two heavy duty American-made 15-inch Eminence speakers offering 400 watt RMS, and 800 watts peak total cabinet power handling. Total cabinet impedance is 16 ohms, as is the original, and a three-pin XLR speaker jack is used for speaker connection, as also used by Vox in the 1960s.

Of course, these incredibly loud and powerful amplifiers were built by VOX for use by British bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Kinks during mid-to-late 1960s. They were also a special order item and never put into full production, making them one of the rarest of all VOX amplifiers. Additionally, because of their obvious association with these bands - especially The Beatles - they tend to be one of the most coveted amplifiers in the world, and the majority are already in the hands of collectors around the globe. This is a rare opportunity to land an excellent very early and possible prototype example of this very desirable model, fully functional and with a tone you won't believe until you plug it in and turn it up! 

There are 75-plus hi-resolution photos, many of which clearly show the intricate internal details of both the head chassis and cabinet. We are not ashamed to say that we know vintage guitars much better than we know vintage amps, so if you see or read something in this description that is not accurate PLEASE do not hesitate to correct us, or contact us for further clarification. Our goal is to be as honest and up-front as possible with everything we sell ... but especially an item like this with such historical significance and overall desirability among collectors.

We have attempted to show as much as possible of the inside of the amp head in the pictures below. However, please don't hesitate to contact us for further clarification - or more pictures of any other components. We would be happy to accommodate any and all requests, and welcome all questions and comments with a smile!

One shipping note ... this amplifier and cabinet will be shipped in several separate boxes to prevent any damage during shipping. The tubes will also be removed from the head, and all potentially loose parts will be secured so that everything arrives in the same condition as it will be when it leaves us. We ship guitars and amps all over the world, so please feel secure in knowing that this rare amp will arrive in excellent condition, and completely intact!

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