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Product Description



Ever since Epiphone decided to reissue the Wilshire, all of the vintage Epiphone models from the early 1960s have soared in value, and some have become the go-to guitar for many of professional rockers in today’s musical landscape. This classic and quite rare Olympic I is no exception.

This particular example of this very desirable model is in EXCELLENT to NEAR MINT condition, and everything on it is completely original. These are hard to find … period … much less in this condition. Just look at all the pictures below and see for yourself. If you find a better one, let us know!

This is the type of vintage guitar that most of us can really sink our teeth into. It’s a single coil screamer that is so light that it can be thrown about the stage amid lashing sweat and spilled beer and still omit the kind of tone that bands from MC5 to the Libertines have been thriving on for tone and sheer fun factor.

This beautiful vintage Epi is from 1967, but it has not – as you may be quite pleased to hear – been thrown around stages and soaked in stale beer and crowd spit. This one has survived its years remarkably intact for what was, and still is essentially a budget instrument. It truly is one of the most undervalued guitars in general on the market today!

You've got one little single coil pickup, and that's the key to it all. What more do you need? Anything more than a single pickup at the bridge is bordering on jazz, and we don't want to even think about that. So, you can look at it as a nice little vintage guitar with plenty of kudos that you can keep and cherish for many more years, or you can turn it into a screaming mean machine on which you can have your new age fun, but with a vintage feel.

Non-original case is included.

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