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Product Description



We have the pleasure of offering one of the most desired VOX amplifiers of all-time – a very rare circa 1966 Super Beatle V114 Amplifier Head with a model V414, 4X12 speaker cabinet, all in excellent condition. 

The serial number of the Super Beatle head is is 950218, and the serial number of the cabinet is 908730. Of course, these incredibly loud and powerful amplifiers were built by VOX for use by The Beatles during the band's touring days in the mid 1960s, as the band demanded more amplified power so that their music could be heard over the screams of their frenzied fans. Because of their obvious association with The Beatles they tend to be one of the most coveted amplifiers in the world, and the majority are already in the hands of collectors around the globe. This is a rare opportunity to land an excellent example of this very desirable model, in nearly all-original condition and fully functional. 

There are 40 hi-resolution photos below, many of which clearly show the intricate details of both the head and cabinet. We are not ashamed to say that we know vintage guitars much better than we know vintage amps, so if you see or read something in this description that is not accurate PLEASE do not hesitate to correct us, or contact us for further clarification. Our goal is to be as honest and up-front as possible with everything we sell ... but especially an item like this with such historical significance and overall desirability among collectors.

Here's what we know for sure: 

This particular amp and cabinet, along with several other rare and desirable VOX amps (please see our other listings) were part of large collection of both guitars and amplifiers that we recently purchased. The previous owner took meticulous care of everything in his collection, so despite whatever condition the pieces may be in now, they are certainly in the same condition as when he first purchased them, AND were properly maintained while under his ownership. 

You'll notice in the pictures below there are two foot pedals that accompany this amp and cabinet. The single button foot pedal is original to the head, but according to our research the four-button pedal was for a model V1141 head. 

We also believe that the cabinet may feature the earliest AND most desirable of the Vox Celestian Alnico Blue speakers. These are painted in metallic gray, with the wiring lugs located in the spokes of the speaker frame.  

Additionally, we have attempted to show as much as possible of the inside of the amp head in the pictures below. However, please don't hesitate to contact us for further clarification - or more pictures of any other components. We would be happy to accommodate any and all requests for more information, and welcome all questions and comments with a smile!

One shipping note ... this amplifier and cabinet will be shipped in several separate boxes to prevent any damage during shipping. The tubes will also be removed from the head, and all parts will be secured so that everything arrives in the same condition as it will be when it leaves us. We ship guitars and amps all over the world, so please feel secure in knowing that this rare amp will arrive in excellent condition, and completely intact! 

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