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Product Description


1963 or 1964 AMPEG B-18-N PORTAFLEX

We have the pleasure of offering one of the most desired Ampeg amplifiers of all-time – a very rare and beautiful B-18-N Portaflex model in excellent condition.

The serial number is 001606, which leads us to believe it is from either late 1963 or early 1964. We have researched the number but were not able to pin point the exact year, but we're fairly certain that this B-18-N was one of the first units of this model ever produced. The serial number does tell us it was produced before 1965, because according to various historical Ampeg web sites, Portaflex models where the second and third digits of the serial number were less than "12" were produced prior to 1965. The first B-18-N Portaflex models were released in late 1963 and early 1964, depending on which web site you believe, which makes this one quite rare - especially in this condition. 

Overall, we grade this very rare amplifier in EXCELLENT condition, with a few nicks and dings consistent with many 47-year-old amplifiers. However, as you can clearly see from the 32 pictures below we think we're being a little on the conservative side in regards to the condition. Just look at the head and chassis ... most of the Portaflex models you see from this period are pretty beat up. And this one does show its age a bit, but it is not "beat up" by any standard. The original grill cloth is completely intact, as is the original baffling inside the speaker cabinet. The Ampeg clear plastic signage on top of the head is in pristine condition, and the surrounding chrome is also in really nice shape. 

The two areas of this amp that show the most wear are the original wooden plank underneath the amp with the original casters (torn tolex around the corners) and the original amp cover, which is in fair condition, at best. 

We believe the amp to be all original (except for the newer three-prong cord), but we did not take it completely apart to confirm it. We can tell you that it came from a very large collection of amps, all of which were in EXCELLENT condition, and very well maintained. You can tell that the previous owner of this amp took very good care of it. Additionally, this amazingly rare find is fully functional, and still delivers that classic Ampeg tone these amps were - and still are - so coveted for. 

Need we say more? 

Take a good look at the 32 hi-resolution pictures, and don't be afraid to ask any questions, correct any of the information above, or offer some information that we may have missed. We don't mind inquiries of any kind, and welcome all questions and comments with a smile!

We promise this Ampeg amp is going to make someone very, very happy!

One shipping note ... this amplifier will be shipped in two separate boxes - one for the head and the other for the cabinet - to prevent any damage during shipping. The tubes will also be removed from the head, and everything will be secured so that it all arrives in the same condition as it will be when it leaves us. We ship guitars and amps all over the world, so please feel secure in knowing that this rare amp will arrive in excellent condition, and completely intact!



USA (Anywhere): $175
CANADA: $250

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