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Vintage Electric and Acoustic Guitars

Been in the attic lately? Clean out the barn last week? Run across any old vintage guitars or other old musical instruments or amplifiers?

If you did, Music City Pickers is interested in talking to you! Music City Pickers is a guitar shop located in Franklin, TN that specializes in the purchase and selling of all vintage guitars and other old musical treasures, including newer, high-quality musical instruments. Whether you're looking to sell off a huge collection or just trying to unload a guitar or amp to raise some cash, we can definitely help! Our specialty is electric and acoustic vintage guitars, but we're also interested in vintage basses, guitar amps, mandolins, electronic keyboards, banjos, and other newer high-quality instruments.

Let Our Experienced Pros Determine the Value of Your Vintage Guitar, Amplifier or Instrument

Any of this stuff could be as good as gold! But the only way to find out is to let the experts at Music City Pickers use their vast resources to help you identify your musical instruments or amps and make you a fair offer. Even if you already know what you have, Music City Pickers will still help you determine its true current market value and make you a cash offer you'll be very happy with. Our aim is to please, but also to buy as many vintage guitars, instruments & amplifiers as we can.

For more information, call 1-888-407-1019, or email us at info@musiccitypickers.com. And THANK YOU for visiting our web site.